Innovart Group, LLC has been mastering concrete work for a long time. We know how concrete has to be worked to achieve a high-quality job. We apply the appropriate thickness for each kind of construction, be it Driveways, Patios, Foundations, etc.

Innovart Group, LLC is an expert in both conventional and post-tension systems. The advantages and disadvantages between one and the other do not mean that there is a clear winner. Some expert engineers are in favor of the conventional system, and others are in favor of post-tension. It’s simple, post-tensioning is a pre-compression method, it is also known as Pre-stressing, which allows the concrete to be more flexible without cracking. While conventionally reinforced concrete does not carry active stress inside until after the designed load to resist is applied.

Pre-stressing is the important distinction between post-tension concrete and conventionally reinforced concrete.

Since post -tensioning is simply a method of reinforcing concrete, the decision is only a matter of familiarity by the engineer designing it. Many engineers are not experienced in pre-stressed design and simply avoid it. Also, contractors not familiar with the installation requirements may simply avoid it as well.

Innovart Group, LLC has no preferences for any system. We have mastered both. We, out of respect for our clients, advise them about both systems as well as the convenience of usage.

Within our concrete division, with the same quality and also offering the complete satisfaction of our customers, there are the following activities:

We will be happy to be your first choice for your concrete work needs. All our vast experience is at the side of our clients doing the best job with honesty and punctuality. If you need a truly professional concrete job, don’t hesitate to call Innovart Group, LLC at (225) 447-3483, where a skilled professional will answer any questions you may have. Now, if you want an estimate, we will be more than happy to issue one 100% free.