Learn More Innovart Group, LLC
Learn More Innovart Group, LLC

We can do any job regardless of the size ordifficulties inherent in it.

Innovart Group, LLC

Who are We?

We are Innovart Group, LLC, Pool and Concrete Contractor company established in Baton Rouge, LA. Our phone number is (225) 447-3483. We are a licensed and insured company, and we have been serving our communities of Baton Rouge and surrounding areas for 12 years. We offer our services to both commercial and residential properties.

Innovart Group, LLC is an environmentally friendly company, which is a plus for our communities, and our estimates are free of any charge whatsoever.

Innovart Group, LLC uses only the best materials on the market and has the best machinery. However, our best asset is our team of highly qualified professionals. We have true specialists focused on achieving a finish that exceeds quality standards. Our passion is to attain our client’s complete satisfaction.

Innovart Group, LLC

Why You Should
Contact Us?

It’s abundantly clear that the jobs Innovart Group, LLC does, small as they may be, don’t come cheap. You should wisely choose the right company for the type of work we do. Now that you know us, we are sure that we will be at the top of your list of providers to cover your needs for the services that we professionally offer, both commercial and residential.

You must take into account the many attributes Innovart Group, LLC has to earn your trust. Some of those mentioned are: 12 years of service means a lot of experience, the best specialists in their field, environmentally oriented, 100% guaranteed work, we are licensed and insured, free estimates, and others.


So, if you are looking for a well-done job that is guaranteed and finished to a high standard, please do not hesitate to call Innovart Group, LLC at (225) 447-3483. A skilled professional will answer any questions you may have. In the event that you prefer an estimate, we will be happy to issue one completely free of charge for you.


Beautiful pool and spa that we built. Innovart Group, LLC has everything under its belt to take on any work, regardless of the size or the hardships, commercial or residential.


Watch how we work

Each one of our professionals have enough experience which ensure you will get the best solution for your unique needs

Our passion is to attain our
Clients’ complete satisfaction.

We are different from the competition since we have all the corresponding certifications, the machinery to do a job of the highest quality, respect for the environment, and the certainty that our clients are always 100% satisfied.

Innovart Group, LLC can do any job regardless of the size or difficulties inherent in it. Additionally, all our jobs from the smallest to the largest, are fully insured, without exception.

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